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In the construction industry, we have often heard that it is impossible to integrate safety into your projects and be profitable. We disagree with this and have set forth policies and procedures that make working safely the way we do business. Our dedicated team of professionals plan safety throughout every aspect of our work, from the bidding process through the actual field work. Working safely is our way of life.

Our expectations and goals are to complete our work accident and incident free. In order to achieve our goals of zero accidents and zero injuries, we believe in Leadership, Training, Communication and Monitoring. These values are reinforced by:

  • Providing our employees with a Comprehensive Safety Program. This program is continually updated and training provided to our employees. One of the key components of the safety program is the Behavioral Health Safety System, which includes Training, Task Planning, Auditing, Recognition and Incident Investigation.

  • Providing a safe work environment, free of known hazards. Through pre-planning, hazards are minimized or eliminated. Through training in safe work practices and the use of proper personal protective equipment, protection for hazards that cannot be eliminated is provided.

  • Requiring pre-planning of every aspect of our work. A safe plan of work is developed prior to start-up of a project and discussed with all employees involved. Employees are required to attend daily and weekly tool-box meetings that discuss that day's tasks, including hazards and methods for eliminating or minimizing those hazards. Employee input is encouraged during these meetings.

  • Providing training to employees in Hazards Recognition and At-Risk Behaviors. Employees conduct a hazard assessment of their work areas daily and insure that those working around them are doing so safely. Employees use a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to plan their work activities and insure that all employees understand the assigned tasks.

  • Continually communicate expectations to our employees. Communication is a very important part of our safety program, because we not only communicate our expectations to our employees, but we encourage feedback so everyone takes ownership. Some of the forms of communication are, Toolbox Safety Meetings, Job Safety Analyses, Safety Stand-Downs.

Safety Recognition Awards

Merit Safety Awards - presented by the Southern Illinois Builder's Association (SIBA), and the Association of General Contractors (AGC).

Current 2013 EMR Rating of - .74

GRP Mechanical was invited to join in VPP Star Site Award

GRP Mechanical was recognized as a contributing contractor for 10,000,000 Safe Work Hours at Phillips 66 Wood River

SIBA Safety Awards
  • 2013 Presidio Risk Control Award of Merit
  • 2013 SMACNA National 1st Place Award (300k-400k man-hr. category)
  • 2013 SIBA 7 years of Zero Lost Time "Excellence Award"
  • 2012 SIBA 6 years of Zero Lost Time "Excellence Award"
  • 2012 SMACNA National 1st Place Award (400k-500k man-hr. category)
  • 2011 SIBA 5 years of Zero Lost Time "Excellence Award"
  • 2011 SMACNA National 2nd Place Award (400k-500k man-hr. category)
  • 2010 Associated General Contractors Zero Incidence (50k man-hr. and over)
  • 2010 SIBA Merit Safety Award
  • 2009 SIBA Merit Safety Award
  • 2008 SIBA Merit Safety Award
  • 2007 SIBA Five Years of Zero Lost Time "Excellence Award"
  • 2007 SIBA Merit Safety Award
  • 2006 SIBA Four Years of Zero Lost Time "Excellence Award"
  • 2006 SIBA Merit Safety Award
  • 2005 SIBA Three Years of Zero Lost Time "Excellence Award"
  • 2005 SIBA Merit Safety Award
  • 2004 SIBA Merit Safety Award
  • 2003 SIBA Merit Safety Award
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