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Boiler Donation
Posted: 6/24/13

Author: Dan Brannan


COTTAGE HILLS - The Community Hope Center received a welcome boost from Tom DeClue, president of GRP Mechanical, and the rest of his group.

GRP Mechanical replaced a boiler at a greatly discounted rate and worked with a parts supplier that donated a portion of the fittings and controls.

"Just after Christmas of this past year, our boiler began to show its age and has now come to a place that it can no longer be repaired and must be replaced," Lyn Cloninger, executive director of the Hope Center, said. "Tom and his upper management team donated their time to install the two newly efficient boilers. Dan Dotson, vice president of building and solutions for GRP, investigated Community Hope Center's situation and came up a plan with Tom."

The Community Hope Center is in the old Forest Homes Elementary School, so its energy system was inefficient. GRP sold the two boilers to the center with the help of a supplier at a greatly reduced rate. The energy-efficient two-stage boilers will typically only one run one at a time.

Cloninger said the attention by the GRP group was nothing short of miraculous.

"I think it helps to have the recognition of other companies, which validates what we are doing," he said. "We serve about 100 to 115 clients a day and we can get up to 152 clients in a day. We distribute 60,000 pounds of food every month."

Cloninger has been at the Hope Center for seven years. He said it has been a once in a lifetime experience for him.

"To sit every day and watch what happens here is like watching miracles occur every day," Cloninger said. "It is an amazing place."


Safety Roundtable and Picnic
Posted: 5/14/13


On April 19th, GRP Mechanical hosted the third annual Safety Roundtable and Picnic. The event took place at Fallers Sporting Clays in Butler, Illinois.

John Shultz, Safety Director, kicked off the roundtable discussion with an explanation of GRP Mechanical's Safety: Stop Work Program. Here are a few highlights.

What does Stop Work do for the company and anyone who works for us?

  • Ensures that all employees are given the responsibility and authority to Stop Work when employees believe that a situation exists that places them, their coworkers, contracted personnel, or the public at risk or in danger; could adversely affect the safe operation or cause damage to facility.
  • There needs to be a Safety Culture Company wide, that everyone has the right to work safe.
  • Employee has the responsibility and authority to Stop Work or decline to perform an assigned task without fear of reprisal, to discuss and resolve work and safety concerns.


  • Management and Supervision are COMMITTED to promptly resolve issues resulting from an employee-raised Stop Work
  • Get back with the individual to let them know about the results and actions taken to resolve the issue.


  • Assist employees, supervision, and management in the resolution of Safety Issues and Concerns.

How do we get this information to our employees?

  • Initial orientation
  • Stop Work Card
    • You have the time to work safely. Do not rush or let anyone take that time from you or pressure you to take shortcuts
    • Everyone has the authority and responsibility to Stop Work or shutdown equipment do to safety concerns or unsafe conditions.
      • Ask yourself these three questions before starting any job, activity, or task;
        • Have I done this work before and do I feel safe doing this work again?
        • Am I committed to do this job the right way?
        • Do I have the COURAGE to stop my work, and any other work, I think is proceeding unsafely?
      • If you answer NO to any of the above

Upon completion of the Safety: Stop Work presentation, Don Faller of Faller's Sporting Clays gave his course safety expectations. With that, the attendees participated in a round of Sporting Clays followed by a picnic meal featuring Italian sausage, parsley potatoes, tortellini in cream sauce, and cole slaw.

It would be SAFE to say a good time was had by all.